Database Access Tools

These tools are provided by third-party vendors or databases management system suppliers. In general, each database management system supplier’s tool works best with its own system although most tools can connect to any management system that supports structured query language. Third-party tools offer access to a wide variety of data sources.

Access point from knowledge ware is a windows-based product for accessing data residing on local area network based query language servers and host databases. The initial release supports Microsoft structured query language server and DB2. Further releases are expected to support Gupta SQL base server, ORACLE, Structured query language, server Operating system/2, and data base manager.

Database queries are generated using point-and-click functions. The corresponding SQL code is automatically generated. Access point does not include an intelligent SQL interface to hide the details of SQL database access from the user.

SQL code can also be generated directly. A built-in macro facility can be used to script activities for reuse. The windows interface dynamic data exchange, DLL, and OLE are all supported. Builder Accessory 2.0 from integrated computer solution is a building, prototyping, and testing tool for X-window and motif interfaces. It includes X-based widgets and a tree structure for the widget hierarchy.

It provides a paint program for painting menus. Developers use Builder Accessory to access centerline software’s code center to develop, debug, test and maintain code. Builder Accessory has a drag-and-drop feature, which lets uses incorporate any X-based widget by using the standard OSF widget meta-language, and when used to handle complicated tasks, can accelerate the development process.

Integrated computer solutions are also marketing a library of the most commonly used motif widgets on CD-ROM. The widget date book includes generic widgets, such as icon editors, and industry-specific widgets. The widgets will work with any GUI builder that supports X-Window and motif.

Data workbench, a subset of SQL Tool set, provides a query tool, interactive SQL support, a report writer, a data-entry tool, and a data dictionary facility. Data workbench can access data in SQL server and SQL data structures such as ORACLE, DB2 using SQL gateways.

Visual query language allows users to develop and execute complex SQL statements without knowing the details of SQL. This intelligent SQL interface can determines the appropriate joins if two or more tables are involved, eliminate the complexities of multiple selection criteria, sort orders and aggregation, and display the corresponding SQL statements on the screen as a learning tools.

Repost workbench uses defaults; handles control breaks, totals, and sub total; and provides tools to move, delete, or modify text or the location of data. Specifications can be saved for later execution. A runtime version, report execute, can be used for deployment of reports.

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